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We provide cost-effective solutions to cover a wide range of production areas. Take advantage of the technology offered by GFG Rural Supplies

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Technology Designed With You in Mind

Our products are designed for farmers who are looking for modern and efficient ways to take better care of their farmland. GFG Rural Supplies delivers exactly what you need with quality and accuracy.

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Horticulture Supplies

Good plant nutrition is critical in producing high quality, high yielding fruits, nuts and vegetables. We offer a range of horticulture supplies including plant nutrients, post harvest treatments and crop protection.

Water Treatment Solutions

Chlorine dioxide has been used very successfully in food, meat and slaughter house as a processing aid that is added to process water maintaining good microbial quality thereby impacting positively on the shelf life of the produce.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Bespoke product and service solutions for your specific requirements. We work with you and your team to define a site specific ratio of Quality, Service and Pricing.

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Rodent Bait

GFG Rural Supplies are proud to provide high quality rodent control systems to our clients. Ratshot and Pestmaster are both Australian brands, partnering with us to service the needs of intensive industries, not just locally but also interstate. We also offer a “serviced” option, utilising our own licenced pest control technician.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Products

GFG Rural Supplies offer an extensive range of products for large scale cleaning requirements. Utilising our partnership with Integra, we supply high quality Australian made products, designed for the Australian market

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Aqua Feed

Our Ridley’s aqua feed is formulated by an experienced team of aquatic animal nutritionist to the high specification necessary for the optimum performance of your chosen aquaculture species.

Checking the Crops

Our business has been working with GFG Rural Supplies for the past 4 years to supply our farms nationally with PPE, Chemicals and First Aid equipment. They have Continued to provide an exemplary service over this time and are always willing to assist us with meeting urgent requests which has been very appreciated through times of limited supply. It is great to partnership we have developed and we look forward to many more years of business together.

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It has always been a pleasure working with the crew at GFG Rural Supplies. They have always offered us great service and don’t leave until we are happy with the job at hand. I highly recommend them as a business to work with.

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Working with GFG Rural Supplies has been a refreshing change for our business. When looking for our WHS and animal production requirements the team have been able to source products regularly for us when supply has been hard to get no matter how left field the request has been. They have access to and knowledge about a wide range of products and if they don’t stock it they will come back with advice on the best place to get it promptly. Their pricing is always transparent and fair and shipment schedules are updated regularly to keep us well informed.

It has been a pleasure dealing with GFG Rural

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